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How to import data on Qblade?

What is Qblade?QBlade is a multi-platform simulation software for wind turbine blade design and wind simulation.
 it does not need any installation, as soon as it is installed on the computer you work directly on it   How to import data Foils on it? 

Step #1  NACA airFoils 

click on : file >>New project  >>foil >>naca foil just type  number you want  4 numbers for  NACA  with 4 digits for example:  >> 2412 for NACA2414  or 5 numbers For NACA with digits  >>24152 for NACA24125  we can even custom design our Airfoil by changing the values if you won’t know how to see the tutorial.  

Step #2 : Other airfoil types

FOR Other airFoil Types: by importing a .dat fileGo to Airfoil database   >> link/   1-choose any type of Foil you want to  download  2-when you choose a type. 3-choose a random type (NACA 5 or 4, A, S or Z) 4-right click on source dat.file 5-save link as  6-save file as .dat format  7-save them in one folder to find them after 

Then you have :
1- Start the Programme(Qblade ) 
2- Go to File >> New project 
3-On the Main bar click on > Foil>>Import Foil 
4 –select the file
5 -Open it 
and up you successfully imported it.
for more details how to do that please see this Tutorial 
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