Best Wind Turbines for Caravans, Motorhomes, Camping, and Off-Grid Homes.

wind turbines for caravans

Camping and caravanning are all about a love for the outdoors, the freedom that touring offers, and pitching up in wonderful locations. Purchase a caravan that’s inappropriate for your needs and that enjoyment can turn sour, and be a costly mistake if you need to trade in and change a caravan all too soon.[1]

A caravan is a symbol: at the wheel, you can go wherever you want without looking back, feeling free as air, sleeping beautifully star … until you find yourself lost in the countryside with a battery faulty. Do you want to free yourself from this constraint? Install a wind turbine on your caravan!

Indeed, a wind turbine can be more than enough to recharge the batteries of a campsite.
because. Weighing around 5 kg, its blades measure 50 cm with a fin of 20 cm. It can then provide a power of 60 to 200 V depending on the models and begins to operate from 5 km / h wind (depending on the model). In addition, wind turbines designed for bicycles, caravans, or boats withstand rain like saltwater. They are also treated against corrosion.

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A number of brands offer wind turbines in kits ready to be assembled. on a caravan. These models are then placed on the bike rack located at the back. Rest assured, it does not prevent the latter from being used to place and remove the bikes. The price of such a wind turbine varies, depending on the characteristics and manufacturers, from € 500 to € 1,200.

The assembly is also quite simple since it suffices to fix the mast on the bike rack (with three bolts), to hang the cables that hold the wind turbine, to connect the wires, then to position the switch, the ammeter and
the fuse, as close as possible to the battery.

Also, know that a caravan wind turbine can complement an interesting solar panel.

Best windturbines for caravans , motorhomes and camping

1.Rutland Windchargers

[1].Best caravans: Our top picks for every caravanner and budget

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